Some of the Basic Instructions and Uses for Sacred G

Some Basic Sacred G Instructions . . . and a few tests to try

Once you have printed copies of all the Sacred G designs, it would be best for you to laminate those that may get damaged with use. If you want to do this yourself, you can buy laminate sheets at an office supply store such as Staples or OfficeMax.

I would suggest putting the same design back-to-back, facing outward on both sides and then, laminate several sheets. The more sheets used, the more energy generated and this will increase the amplitude of the wave or frequency.

Anytime that you want to increase the energy, simply add more sheets.

Sacred G lasts forever if the designs are not damaged.

Do not cut any of the designs because the mathematics and pressure systems built into them will be affected and you’ll have energy leaks.

Print them in color, NOT black and white.

You can put Sacred G anywhere on your person or possessions, in your home, your car, your office, even your gym locker if you like!

The uses for Sacred G technology are practically limitless.

There are several ways that you can use the design sheets.

For example, you can tape them together to create a box and then place an item inside.

You can add another sheet on top to cover the item. This configuration will supercharge anything and most any configuration can be made for a Sacred G charge.

Select something that you want to eat or drink and place it on a Sacred G design.

You can also place a sheet on top. Leave it for at least an hour, although it’s great to experiment with different lengths of time between one hour, several hours, or overnight.

Whichever Sacred G design you choose to use, keep in mind that it will target specific regions of the brain and body.

For example, if you charge a bottle of water with Sacred G Spot, that energy is going to focus on the hypothalamus to assist in detoxing the cells.

If you charge the water with Sacred G Transporter, the energy of the water will assist in processing and purging negative emotions/belief systems that are stored in past memories.

Let’s begin with the sleep test.

Place the Sacred G designs between your mattress and box spring in these specific locations:

G-Spot – goes where your head will be.

Transporter – goes where your chest will be.

Ascender – goes where your stomach will be.

Simulator – goes where your knees will be.

Activator – goes where your feet will be.

G Spot










Place the Transcendence design on your night table with a glass of water on it.

Drink the water when you first wake up to help eliminate any toxins that were cleared from your cells while you were sleeping.

Keep a notepad or a diary to record your feelings.

It’s no wonder that sleep takes up a third of our 24-hour day.

For some people, it takes up more than that.

Of course everyone knows that during sleep, our bodies repair themselves, but believe it or not, most people don’t realize that without sleep, our bodies actually deteriorate.

There is no such thing as a status quo when we do not get enough sleep.

During sleep, our brain works hard to process all of the information we absorb from our daily experiences. This frees up energy so that our bodies can run smoothly the following day.

If our brain has to process too much information, especially information that is emotionally charged, our energy will lag and we will experience fatigue during our waking hours. If this continues, our body will begin to break down from the stress of trying to operate with very little energy.

In response, our brain begins to dull our senses so that it can reduce the amount of external stimulation we are exposed to. This is the brain’s way of cutting down on its workload.

Over a long period of time, the brain has no choice but to inform the body that it must shut down some of its systems. When it does, the window for old age and disease flies open.

The trick is to increase the brain’s ability to process information faster.

This is where Sacred G technology comes in.

Not only will this modality increase the quality of sleep, it will also assist the brain in processing information at a much faster speed, thus freeing valuable energy that you will be able to use to pursue the life of your dreams.

How was your sleep after your first experience with Sacred G technology?

Everyone has a unique experience when starting Sacred G. Your experience will depend upon which Brain Wave State is predominantly utilized while you are sleeping.

Below are several descriptions of sleep states when Sacred G is utilized.

  • I didn’t notice anything.
  • I went to bed and woke up as usual.
  • I could not sleep.
  • I was tossing and turning all night.
  • I was dreaming all night long and woke up still emotionally tied to my dreams.
  • I was dreaming all night about old friends.
  • I was learning new information and seeing patterns in my life.
  • My head in the pillow and I was out . . . deep, deep sleep.

You can download the digital Sacred G for printing and you can try the sleep test for yourself.

To help you further understand your sleep test results, I will send you follow-up videos explaining the different experiences that you may have.

The Water Purification Test

The water test is designed to show you how Sacred G technology can purify, oxygenate, and ionize your tap water. The result is water that will cleanse and energize your body.

An additional asset will be water that actually tastes good!

Water Test Instructions

  • Fill 2 glasses with tap water.
  • Put one glass on top of the Transcendence design and the other glass at least 6 feet away.
  • Let sit for a minimum of 30 minutes, or leave overnight for even more profound results.
  • Taste the difference between the 2 glasses.

Over 80% of people surveyed noticed a considerable difference in their water after using Sacred G.

“I haven’t drank tap water for years . . . there was definitely a sweet taste in the charged water.”
“My body was completely energized after drinking the Sacred G water. It was sweet and delicious. Used it on all on my plants.”
“The water was a totally different taste. This is amazing! We use well water as opposed to city water. The water, however, has a lot of sulphur in it. You can smell the sulphur it is so strong. I used a gallon ice cream tub filled with water and let it rest on top of the Sacred G over night. The next morning, I poured a glass of water just to see if there was a difference. I also had a glass of water set away from the Sacred G that I also let stand overnight. That glass of water still had the sulphur taste. The charged gallon of water, however, I swear tasted like distilled water. The pot of coffee I made with it was superb.”
“The water was a totally different taste. This is amazing! It tasted fresh and I really noticed the difference . . . loved it!"

The Sacred G Food Test

In the morning, take an apple or a banana and place it between two Sacred G designs, both facing toward the piece of fruit.

Leave the fruit sitting all morning.

At lunchtime, eat the fruit before your regular lunch and see how full you become.

This test will demonstrate how charging your food with Sacred G will fill you up faster.

This simple act will greatly assist in weight loss.

Charging your food is a vital part of boosting your energy throughout your day.

The Sacred G Temperature Test

Place your hand on or a couple of inches above the Sacred G design.

Most people can feel a breeze of cool or warm air.

After the temperature stabilizes, you will feel tingly sensations all over your arm. Your body temperature will be the first system the technology will stabilize for optimum energy flow.

Charging your clothing with Sacred G will assist in keeping you at a comfortable temperature throughout your day.

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