What to Expect When Beginning Sacred G Technology

Whatever you put into your body, you are responsible for cleaning out!

Sacred G Technology has three major stages of development. In simple terms, they are cleansing and clearing, constructing connections, and creating conscious change.

Each of these stages has their own unique attributes.

These stages are necessary to enter into and complete so that you will truly gain the most benefit from the increase of energy you will empower.

What will be equally as important as the Sacred G technology will be YOUR INTENT.

When you use the technology with the sacred intent of healing yourself, you enter into a partnership with the vibrational resonance of the designs that have been created as a tool for healing. Whether you read all the information or not, or understand it or not, doesn’t matter.

You will still receive healing from this technology.

It is my hope that you will choose to ride the horse named Discipline and put forth your intention to create a body that will perform for you in the most optimal way.

The First Stage: Cleansing and Clearing

We have already discussed how the body will physically hold onto old memories, hurts, and false/negative belief systems long after they are relevant to your well-being.

The initial body cleansing period will be the most difficult aspect of using the Sacred G technology and the more Sacred G that you use, the longer it will take for this stage to complete itself.

If at any time, it seems too much… consider that you have a whole lifetime of trauma, bad memories and negative belief systems locked into your body on a cellular level.

That means that every cell in your body is polluted with emotional garbage that has not been completely processed.

It is so much easier to stuff our emotions when bad things happen to us.

But it is like the old saying, “Buried feelings never die.”

Sacred G is the ideal technology to use for this type of accelerated cleansing because it calls upon your body’s ability of quantum computing to decide what needs to be cleared and when.

This is a very efficient system of cleansing and far surpasses the standard body cleanse and psychological healing. The changes that will take place in this stage will be monumental.

Once you have completed this stage, you will notice a calmness that surrounds and moves through you. Your body will feel stable and strong and you will feel powerful and centered.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the typical experiences you may go through. These are typical, but not everyone has the EXACT same experience or ALL of the experiences listed.

Energy Fluctuations

You may experience an increase or a decrease of energy depending upon your metabolism.

You may also experience energy bursts and these are discussed in the section on anxiety.


As the cells in your body dump the toxins out, you may experience headaches, feel woozy or tired.

Your head may feel congested and foggy.

These are all signs that Sacred G is working and cleansing the body.

Keep using Sacred G to complete the process or try adding more to speed up the process and cleanse at a deeper level.

Temporary Weight Gain

This may occur if your organs are on toxic overload.

Your body will take the toxins and store them temporarily in fat cells while your organs are being cleansed and strengthened.

Once that is accomplished, the body will retrieve the stored toxins and move them out of the body.

Most people tend to lose weight as their organs continue purging toxins, eliminating the need for fat (which is a safe place to neutralize and store dangerous toxins).

Sacred G becomes a powerful tool to add to any weight loss program.


Addictions to toxic substances, drugs (illegal or pharmaceutical), coffee, sugar and yeast products create a very toxic environment for your body.

Is it any wonder that so many people have weight issues, and feel sluggish, and tired all the time?

It’s hard to feel good when practically everything in our world to eat or drink is heavily ladened with artificial chemicals that are extremely toxic over a long period of time.

For most Western cultures, processed foods and drinks have been around long enough now to have infected three generations – our parents, we as parents, and our children.

Sacred G will initiate and support the body’s process of cleansing away the accumulated toxins, but it will be your responsibility to be vigilant with what you eat and drink in the future.

You will notice that your tastes will change and eating healthy and more organically will come easily and naturally if you are charging everything you put in, on, and around your body with Sacred G.

If you have had drug addictions or you have taken pharmaceutical drugs for a long period of time, you will feel the effects of the drugs being released from your cells.

You may have urges, withdrawals, mood swings, etc.

This is because the drugs are released into your blood stream.

Stick with the program and be sure to drink lots of charged water.

Old Injuries

Often the memory of old injuries will come to the surface.

Although an injury heals, the healing is not 100%.

As your cells regress back to their youth, they release the physical memory of an injury.

These old injuries may even show up again as bruises and they can be painful and create a lot of agitation. Stay with the program, as this is a natural process of Sacred G clearing the cellular memory and restoring your cells back to 100% health.

I suggest that you may want to try Fusion 157 Oil on the injury to accelerate the healing process.


This is maybe the most-liked aspect of Sacred G cleansing and clearing.

You will probably experience incredibly long, deep sleeps.

The body is busy working through some very deep issues and does this while you are sleeping as a way to prevent you from revisiting old memories and getting stuck in the charged emotion around them. So, it is a good thing if you feel tired and desire to sleep, sleep, sleep!

Do not fight it, as the more rest you give your body, the quicker you will move through this phase.

You may feel lethargic after a long night of sleep or you may feel full of energy.

It depends on individual circumstances concerning metabolism, regular sleep patterns, and the degree to which you have packed away emotionally charged memories.


As your body purges the extreme forms of emotional energy connected to your past, you may experience nightmares.

You may wake up wet in sweat as your body simultaneously releases toxins while you are emotionally purging 50 your system.

You may also wake up triggered with the awareness of present-day emotional situations that are causing you and others a great deal of pain.

All of these emotional experiences can be difficult.

Remember, cleansing and clearing the body is the most difficult aspect of the program.

But also remember, peace is on the other side of this chaos, so stick with it.


Deep anxiety may surface when you begin realizing that you have been living through the same patterns your entire life and you have never found true happiness in them.

You decide to make significant changes, yet dissolving old relationships, letting go of negative friendships, or leaving a job that doesn’t even begin to inspire you are scary propositions.

You may experience emotional outbursts without warning when you first begin this program as memories are being processed.

These emotional surges are the body’s way of completing the last conscious steps, which are necessary for a total release of toxic memories.

Most of the time, you may not even know what the emotional surge is about.

Just be assured that the surge is pushing toxic material out of your body.

I would suggest using your Sacred G Omega bedset often during this time to help assist and accelerate the process.

Although these changes may be difficult, follow the true wisdom of your heart and stick to your resolve to implement your desired changes. You will be very glad that you did when you are through the process and you are on track with your life and your purpose.


Almost everyone goes through a 1 to 3-week RAGE ATTACK (fondly named, of course).

This happens as you begin realizing that you have spent so much of your life living for other people, rather than yourself and doing for other people rather than doing for yourself.

I’m not talking about charitable doing, but doing what other people want you to do, rather than what you desire to do.

Through the Sacred G processing, you will grow to make the decision to start living your life according to your own inner voice.

In doing so, you will achieve an amazing feeling of wholeness and a powerful sense of confidence.

Some Advice for Phase One

You can accelerate the cleansing and clearing process by adding other cleansers that you can purchase at your local health food store.

Be sure to read the labels and educate yourself on what is healthy for your body and what is not.

Remember the following caveat:

It is karma that anything you put into your body, you must take out.

Also, have yourself a cheat day every so often to celebrate your hard work, perseverance, and the fulfillment of your intentions.

Be sure to drink plenty of charged water throughout your day!

The Rewards of Cleansing and Clearing

Cleansing and clearing the massive amount of emotion stored in past memories is an extremely powerful method of freeing up energy so that your body will heal naturally.

After Sacred G, you will notice a major increase in energy as well as an overall boost in peace, joy, happiness and excitement as old feelings like resentment, anger, and sadness no longer reside in your body to weigh you down.

As the major emotional blockages break down and are cleared out, you will find that you will be able to pick up more subtle sensations in your body.

You will be able to read and communicate with people more effectively as you will be able to sense and feel what is going on with them more clearly.

Making love will intensify as your physical senses become more alive.

Even being able to smell the fresh morning air after a rain becomes more exhilarating as your senses magnify.

Eliminating toxins automatically increases energy and good health. It will uncover your natural youthful appearance, as the elimination of toxins is your greatest anti-aging tool.

Be sure to charge everything that you put in, on, and around your body with Sacred G to generate the optimal amount of energy to assist you in your new, life-changing, positive patterns.

A clean and clear body will feel so good that slowly you will remember that clean and clear is its natural state. As the toxins disappear, you will remember that your body is your most important possession and your respect for it will increase a hundredfold.

You will begin treating others with more respect, love, and appreciation because you will now have those same qualities for yourself. Your body will truly become your temple.

The Second Stage: Constructing Connections

This phase is essential for getting to know yourself, where you would like to go, and what you’d like to do with your talents. It is a time of formulating new goals.

During this time, Sacred G technology will be hard at work assisting your body in bringing your true, life desires to the surface of your consciousness.

It’s a time of reprogramming as you let go of memories and belief systems that no longer serve you.

Following the crowd will lose its appeal, and you will begin to start thinking for yourself.

It’s the halfway point where you let go of the old and begin envisioning the new.

These are some of the effects that you may experience.

Vivid Dreaming

You may experience excessively vivid dreams.

They are a way to
bring awareness to the belief systems, which influence how you code your memories.

Memories and belief systems are subjective.

During this phase, dreams will assist you in reframing how you think about the past and they will also awaken new ideas for what you want to experience in your life.

Low Energy

You will begin feeling very motivated by your new ideas; however, you may find that you have no energy to get them working.

That’s OK… part of this phase is to get in touch with what you want for your life, but this is not the stage where you implement your new ideas.

Make notes.

Keep a diary.

Begin creating a plan.


You will begin to question your likes and dislikes, attitudes, activities, beliefs, and why some people are in your life. This is an excellent indication that Sacred G is working superbly.

You will question, analyze, determine and decide to let go of those aspects of your life that are not nurturing and supportive.

And you will feel that spending time and energy with people that are not in alignment with who you are, is simply a waste of time and you will gently let them go on their way.

The Point of it all

You may experience the frustrating and confusing feeling that everything is just pointless and not worth any of your effort.

This is because your body is releasing many memories and beliefs that you are so invested in.

But don’t worry.

These cleaned-out places will soon be refilled with stronger energy investments that have passion, desire, and purpose. Know that this phase moves quickly and the elimination of information that is no longer relevant to your true goals and aspirations is a good thing!

The Void

The void is a short period of time when the brain cleans out subjective and irrational thinking as you leave one reality that no longer serves you and enter a new reality that is at your service.

Some people feel a tinge of depression and somewhat lost.

This is normal.

You must clean out the negative and make a space for the positive.

I’m sure that you have heard – you cannot put clean water into a dirty glass and expect to have clean water. It simply does not work that way.

So keep this in mind and while in this phase, keep notes in your diary as to what makes you happy – what makes you smile. And if you are committed to walking on the sunny side of the street, spirit will inform you about your future. Try and spend extra time lying on your bed with Sacred G technology so that this process will accelerate.

The second stage of Sacred G is difficult for some and rejuvenating for others.

It is essential to realize that everything that has happened in your life was relevant to your learning and growing spiritually.

Now, you are at the place where you can be thankful for what you have learned and for the lessons that have influenced the person you have become and you can easily let go of the memories and beliefs that no longer serve you.

This is an ending phase and one that you will value.

Once your body has cleansed and cleared all irrelevant information and negative memories and belief systems, new connections will be made.

You will feel empowered and focused.

You will be very conscious of the thoughts that you are thinking and you will be precise in your decision-making.

This is the time to construct a plan for what you really want to do with your life.

Remember, you are Spirit Incarnate and you can do, have, or be ANYTHING!

The Third Stage: Creating Conscious Change

The third stage of development is, of course, the most exciting!

In this phase you will begin implementing the conscious changes that you have been planning.

This is a time of great creative change.

It is your creative self thinking anew… not your parents, nor your friends, nor society, but you creating the structure for your new way of living.

This can be such an exciting time, as well as a nervous one, as major aspects of your life shift – some will fall away as they are no longer needed and many new changes will appear, changes that you, yourself have decided upon.

This phase will especially demonstrate the power of Sacred G technology as it shifts your external world to reflect the new internal one that you have created.

Sacred G will align you with the path of your chosen future.

There’s no downside to this phase, but there are a few aspects of which you should be aware.

This will be a period of examination in which your external environment will be assessed to see what is working in a positive manner for you and what is not.

This will include friendship and work relationships and this may be difficult for some people.

Relationships that serve no real purpose will block you from creating new ones.

Some of these non-purposeful relationships can actually be vampire-like, stealing your time and energy without leaving anything in return.

The fastest and easiest way to over-come any anxiety concerning these relationships is to meditate while lying on your bed with Sacred G technology.

Some old relationships may be renewed and strengthened by your new sense of purpose and direction. The body has key changes that need to occur to change your vibration so that it will be aligned with where you want to go and what you want to do. Whatever you need to accomplish your new vision for yourself will show up and be stronger than ever.

You will be empowered to make the necessary changes concerning your business and career aspirations. Sacred G will assist you in becoming discerning and insightful and it will pull you back from acting in an impulsive manner.

When you feel that something is not quite right about a situation, make some mental notes and revisit them later when you are alone.

In this way, you can prepare yourself calmly to make any necessary changes.

It will be important to think ahead, plan and prepare.

This will deliver your visions and goals in a smooth and timely manner.

During these life changes, do not be hard on yourself.

We all learn through experience and with each step of the way, our most optimal self will seek to handle things in the best possible manner.

Sacred G technology is very resourceful in bringing into your life whatever connections and situations necessary to support you on your path.

What is your responsibility in this process?

To trust and act in a conscious, solicitous manner.

Your body will continue to increase your physical level of performance so that you will feel strong and confident in your thinking and actions.

You will feel more of this energy towards the end of this phase as the body has many major life changes to accomplish first.

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