What Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta Brain Wave States are like on Sacred G

Sacred G Brainwave Sequence

In this post you will learn how Sacred G helps you process all your Brainwave States:

  • Beta,
  • Alpha,
  • Theta, and
  • Delta, 

…allowing you to open up, heal, and have more energy than you’ve ever experienced in your life.

Beta Brainwave State

When you first start sleeping on Sacred G and clearing out this Beta brainwave state

The only reason I’m smiling right now is because I’ve been through it and I’m already passed it.

Beta brainwave state is basically this tossing and turning where literally your thoughts don’t stop running, your on edge all night, you’ve got this serious anxiety, you start literally getting pissed off.

You want to hit your pillows. You want to hit the headboard. You’re tossing and turning. You’re kicking your blankets because you’re so frustrated. 

And there’s so much of this internal anxiety that’s coming out.

It’s a horrible state to be in.

Again, I’m smiling and laughing about it now because I’ve already been through it and I’ve always passed it, which is absolutely amazing.

Now Beta brainwave states are tied to our physical energy and if you experience this the first few nights sleeping on the technology, rest assured there is a real major purpose behind this one.

Clearing out your Beta brainwave state is so incredible because pretty much every single person who does go through this experience usually ends up making a massive life change really quickly.

Because those tossings and turnings don’t stop until you make this change.

While all of this anxiety is coming up a lot of people will almost want to remove the Sacred G their bed and never want to sleep on, touch, or talk about them again. They absolutely hate them because of this level of anxiety that came up during the Beta brainwave state release.

It’s not Sacred G that generates this emotion. 

It’s Sacred G that kicks in the release of this emotion, this anxiety, this state.

And it’s the anxiety of living everyday life that really drives you crazy.

That’s what you don’t like.

That’s what is coming up and out.

And usually it’s from working a dead-end job for a long time that’s not serving you, so you’re not moving forward.

It can be from being in a relationship where you feel so stifled and shut down that you absolutely hate being in it.

Or any physical situation experienced in your life where you feel so suppressed and every time you are about to make a change you just kind of settle for less and settle for less and settle for less.

You’re essentially just not living your own life.

So if you have this type of tossing and turning sleep, it essentially means the technology is going to make a massive shift in your life. 

And it’d be easiest if you’d actually look at the areas of your life which are causing the most agitation and where you feel like you settled for less and it’s not even your life anymore.

You’re pissed off. You’re so agitated because this is your life and you’re wasting it. 

These emotions come up because they are there and so it’s time for you literally to stop suppressing yourself and start expressing those emotions and those states in your real life.

So a lot of people who go through this usually end up…

Breaking up with the person they are with right away.

Quitting their job.

Starting a new field of study.

Letting go of friends.

Having huge blowouts maybe with family members who aren’t supportive. 

So there are some real big shifts that happen when you go through this brainwave state process.

If you continuously clear this past a week it means there is some really heavy-duty energy caught in this brainwave state and you need to really take a moment to seriously look at your life and what you’re happy with and what you’re not happy with.

And take action to start making those changes in your life.

That’s beta. Good luck with that one.

I went through it actually quite a few times and the results when you breakthrough this one are absolutely rewarding. They’re life changing.

And the great thing about Sacred G is that it helps to support these changes.

Now if you’re only experiencing this with the digital downloads, then please know that sleeping on Sacred G is going to amplify the hell out it, but it’s also going to help walk you through this process and be that supporting energy that you need as well as help set you up with where you’re going to be moving towards in the future as well.

So that’s where Sacred G Books and Bedsets really start to come in handy above the digital stuff.

Alpha Brainwave State

If you notice that you’re having nightmares. You’re waking up the middle of the night.

There’s a lot of emotion. There’s a lot of past memories.

This is also reminiscing about old friends that you haven’t talked to or seen for years. 

They’re old connections.

These chords of energy either need to be cut or reconnected and reestablish a friendship again.

That’s essentially the Alpha brainwave state

So if you have a lot of emotion coming up, you’re essentially processing this Alpha brainwave state. 

Nightmares are one of the most incredible things that you can actually get when you’re using Sacred G technology. 

If you have nightmares do not get rid of the technology.

Do not throw it away.

Toughen up and go through it because these extreme level negative emotions convert from your limbic system to your hypothalamus, which regulates body chemistry.

And this is the type of energy that generates diseases that literally kill you down the road.

So anytime that you can actually process and clear these extremely negative emotional states from your brain and body, take the opportunity to do so.

Because that’s what’s really going to protect you in the end.  

We all have nightmares. Occasionally once or twice a year we’ll go through nightmares.

This is the brain’s natural healing mechanism to help shut down or help release a lot of this extreme emotional energy, so that the body doesn’t self-destruct. 

It wants to protect itself. 

Sacred G technology is going to help accelerate that process, so it’s going to dig in and find more of this destructive emotional energy and clear it out and process it.

That’s a major characteristic of the Alpha brainwave state.

When you start clearing your emotional states you can have emotions come up throughout the day.

A lot of times if you go lay on the bed with the technology it will help you clear that.

Carrying folded up Sacred G Sheets in your back pockets will help keep that energy flowing throughout the day as well.

When you clear these emotions you’ll notice that underneath the emotion is a more subtle sense.

I like to say that you’re either emotional or sensational.

In other words, you can actually pickup and sense feelings and emotions that are taking place in your environment and enables you to connect on a much deeper level to all the people around you.

So there are new senses that actually sit underneath.

Once you process the main core of all these emotions it just opens up another layer of life to enhance and enrich your senses as well as your very experience of life.

If you have memories and dreams of past friends, past family that you’re connecting with in your dreams, then your body is clearing out those sentimental connections.

When it’s clearing them out it’s not erasing them. It’s not getting rid of them.

It’s just taking that energy the energy in them and utilizing it so that you can have that energy of sentimentality in your current relationships and friendships today.

A lot of us when we think back to our greatest friendships they’re always when we were young and that’s where all that real heartwarming energy is, but that’s where it’s all stored as well.

So the technology really helps to clear that up.

It enables us to have deeper more meaningful relationships today.

That’s a really amazing that comes out of clearing your Alpha brainwaves states as well.

You’ll also notice that you won’t be so emotionally reactive as you clear out these brainwave states.

That’s another really positive benefit to using Sacred G technology.

Sacred G is going to bring up major emotional traumas. 

Anything that’s happened to you in your life that’s been a major event, Sacred G will help not only to clear out that emotion, but help create simulations to train your body not to act the same ways that it would if you were in such a highly charged emotional state. 

In other words, it’s not only clearing out emotion, it’s getting you out of the patterns and cycles that were generated because of those extreme emotional traumas. 

So that’s another one of the benefits of clearing these Alpha brainwave states with Sacred G.

Theta Brainwave States

Theta is actually a really neat process to go through.

It’s not as physically cleansing. It’s not really painful. 

You can start to become aware of patterns. 

It’s more intellectual than it is emotional, so a lot of times you can actually wake up in the middle of the night and you’ll have really interesting dreams open up new perceptions and unlock patterns or in the morning you’ll have new ideas.

Sometimes it can be initially emotional when you’re unlocking a new pattern. 

When you have a dream and you realize that you’ve been hurting some people without releasing it because of the patterns that you play out.

We all do these things.

It’s a matter of becoming aware that we’re doing them, so we can increase the amount of energy we have access to and the benefits of the relationships that we have with other people.

Theta also helps you to unlock and clear a lot of belief systems that you have about yourself, about other people, and about the world. 

It allows you to let go of the judgements that you have against everything and yourself as well.

That’s absolutely amazing!

When you’re processing Theta brainwave states, a lot of times you’re actually unlocking new information that comes up, which is really amazing because you start learning new stuff.

You wake up and you have all of these new ideas and modes of inspiration. 

Some of the negative reverse side when you’re actually processing Theta is actually feeling lost, confused, unsure of where you are, hazy inside your thoughts.

The haziness comes from both a chemical detox as well as the Theta is clearing out and it’s becoming aware of the clouded judgements and the cloudiness that exists inside your brain.

As you start processing this confusion, agitation, anxiety, any of these types of mental sensations inside your thoughts and clearing out this cloud, what you start to get is a lot more confidence.

You can make decisions more effectively.

If somebody asks you a question, you can be sharper and respond quicker.

There are enhanced memory systems and one of the reasons why you go through this kind of dumb phase is because it’s taking all of your memory from one system and it’s uploading it into a different memory system inside your brain.

So it’s essentially reorganizing and recategorizing your information, so that you have more efficient access to it that way you can think faster.

Theta is a really incredible brainwave state to process.

Again, it’s the most educational.

It’s the most profound, I feel.

You get a lot of really cool dreams. 

At the same time, you also become aware of a lot of your patterns and lot of your judgements and lot of your own identity flaws.  

Theta can lead to a little bit of an identity crisis because everything is changing so fast and your mind can’t keep up. 

Sacred G technology is designed to take your brain past what you can consciously control, so it enables you to actually let go and just get into the flow to actually surrender.

Theta brainwave state has to do with so much control and wanting to know all of the pieces of information. As you get into the more advanced levels, once you process a lot from sleeping on more Sacred G, your thoughts download.

You channel all this new information at the moment when you need it. 

So it’s a very different way to use your brain.

Most people aren’t familiar to that and it takes some training.

The whole process with Theta brainwave states can take a whole month to a year or year and a half on Sacred G to really get your brain tweaked so that it functions at this whole different level. 

There’s trust and integrity systems that happen with Theta.

Most of the time we manually want to control everything because we’ve learned in life that not everything works out the way that it’s supposed to.

Our body sabotaged a lot of our efforts, so we manually try to control and force and make everything happen, but when your body actually starts serving you from using the Sacred G technology, then your body becomes so humble and is just there to support you. 

There is this integrity and trust thing that has to happen inside your brain where you start realizing that life isn’t against you. Life is actually here to support you now.

And that’s one of the most amazing processes to go through.

And that’s all contained within this Theta brainwave state.

So if you notice that you are in this Theta brainwave state a lot more often, then that’s one of the things that’s going to be unlocked for you first. 

So that’s your scoop about the Theta brainwave state.

Delta Brainwave States

Delta brainwave state is absolutely phenomenal. 

When you wake up and you’re processing in deep Delta, you don’t actually wake up right away.

It takes you about 10 or 15 minutes to get up.

You feel like you’re eyes are sunk back in your head.

It takes forever just to be able to open your eye lids. 

This is like the really, really deep sleep.

Some people can literally sleep 12, 16, 20 hours when they go into the deep Delta.

Delta is one of the most neglected brainwave states to actually process energy simply because of the environment, the power lines, which keep pulling the brain out of its deep Delta states and keep pulling it up to a higher frequency.

So Delta is the brainwave state that is the least processed out of all of them for pretty much everybody on the planet because of our environmental technologies. 

What does Delta do?

Delta is essentially like when you learn how to do something new and the event comes up or the time comes up for you to actually apply it and you go ahead and you do the old thing and you have to learn the same lesson over and over and over.

Because when you make this truth and you go do this program change, which happens in Theta, about creating a new rule for how to operate your body and how to operate in situations, Delta is the one that actually takes that new rule and essentially applies it and changes who you are and changes your programming and your automatic responses for the future. 

So a lot of times we consciously had to make all these changes in our life because we didn’t have Delta actually serving us.

It’s so backed up that it’s not making these program changes that we’re asking it to make.

When you start processing Delta that starts happening.

All of the sudden you start shifting and you notice that your actions are different in hindsight. 

After the event you’re looking back and you’re like:

“Wow. Did I just do that? Because normally I don’t react that way. Whoa.”

That’s Delta.  That’s how you start seeing it’s working.

It’s when start noticing that you’re acting differently in hindsight.

People start noticing that you’re acting differently as well.

They actually tell you.

One of the really neat things about processing Delta is…

Because you’re making these program changes, you don’t have to be so consciously aware of trying to make these changes in your life all the time.

And so what starts to happen is you start to be able to trust your body.

Because the program changes are actually taking place.

You don’t have to worry about it. You don’t have to be consciously on edge making sure that you’re always acting appropriately in every situation.

You can just relax and when you relax all the sudden you start having more confidence.

So Delta automatically starts generating more confidence because your brain and your body start actually applying all of the new rules and laws that you’ve set for it in Theta.

So you literally start transforming and becoming this whole new person.

Every night you go to bed and then you wake up in the morning you’re a different person. 

You’re not the same person because your internal program settings have been shifted.

And that’s what Delta is for.

So if you kind of feel a little bit stuck, stagnant, almost feel like you need to rebirth yourself, that you haven’t really changed your identity, that you’re not really moving forward, and you’re not evolving, that’s because your energy is congested in Delta. 

And you’re going to go through this process.

Now you always go through the brainwave states differently. 

But when you get to Delta you’ll know it because your head hits the pillow and you’re out. 

The other really cool thing that Delta has to do with is celebration. 

If you’re such a hardwork and as soon as you get the job done you’re right away thinking about the next job rather than actually going out partying and celebrating a job well done, patting yourself on the back with people saying…

“Hey good job! Way to go! That’s amazing!”

And you’re like…

“Ah no, no. It’s ok. There is so much more that I need to do.”

You’re not actually accepting all of that energy in, which means you’re not processing Delta. 

So if you’ve got those characteristics, it’s essentially telling you that your Delta is backed up because you can’t actually receive congratulations – you can’t receive this positive energy.

And what starts to happen is you just work yourself to the bone. 

You’re just in a grind and you’re completely missing out on what life is. 

Because life is supposed to be a celebration.

It’s supposed to be a party.

You’re supposed to have an amazing time while you’re doing it.

When you increase the amount of energy in Delta by celebrating, you increase the amount of energy for that integration to take place, so that you step into that space and become more. 

If you study, take a lot of courses, you’re very knowledgeable, but you don’t feel like your good enough to go and apply it yet – like you don’t know enough.

There’s people who take one course go out and apply it and are extremely successful.

Then there’s other people who go out and take 30 courses and they still don’t feel confident enough to apply themselves. 

Well those people are actually stuck in Delta. 

They’re not processing Delta because they’re not stepping up and stepping in to their new identity.

They’re not stepping in to who they actually are. 

And so what happens when you process Delta is you have all this confidence because you start realizing you have all this information.

You’re brilliant.

You’ve got all these capabilities.

You’ve got all these skills.

Your personal value instantly goes up.

And as soon as your personal value goes up your finances go up, instantly.

You feel better about yourself.

You command more respect. You get more respect. 

People want to work with you.

Everything starts coming together and that’s all a result of increasing the amount of processing that takes place in the Delta brainwave state.

These four brainwave states are actually incredible.

When you start to really process this energy inside that’s been stored in these brainwave states…

You see, when you start thinking of a memory you’re actually pulling that memory up from muscles and muscle fibers inside your body and you’re pulling that memory up into your brain.

Every different memory stores a different brainwave signature. 

As you start clearing out these brainwave states, you essentially start clearing out your body.

You detox your cells, which increases energy.

You release negative emotions, which makes you happier.

You release conflicting belief systems that inhibit who you are and your potential, which makes you more confident and more able to increase your potential for what you can accomplish.

Your level of thinking expands.

It helps you to express yourself because when you feel strong inside you can actually express what’s inside. Because your confident and you believe in yourself. Because you feel good inside.

And when you can express yourself in a confident manner you will automatically take action afterwards because when you express yourself in a confident manner people will automatically want to be apart of whatever you’re talking about.

So you have the support. You’ll have the assistance.

You have everything that you need to be able to really start moving your projects forward. 

This is a process that you go through as a result of using Sacred G technology.

Using Sacred G just kicks this process to a whole new level.

It increases the amount of energy that you have.

It increases the rate at which all this healing and processing can take place.

The more Sacred G that you’re on the more effective this healing and this entire development and transformational process is going to become.

What we’re looking for is really success.

We’re looking to have the relationships that we want. 

We want health. We want our body to look good.

We want to feel good inside our body. 

We want to have a great job.

Something that we love doing. Not something that we hate.

Why are we wasting our life doing something that we hate?

Once we started clearing out these congested brainwave states from sleeping on Sacred G technology, these changes in our life become automatic. 

We have to make them.


Because with Delta we automatically shifted ourselves and we are no longer the same person that we were before. Now we are so much more. 

We are stepping into our potential.

We are stepping into who we are capable of being.

Once you start stepping in – once you take that step – everything changes.

Everything is different.

Sacred G is so powerful.

You don’t have the ability to override and keep yourself low anymore.

There’s no reason for it. You can step up.

It processes energy so fast that every single day you’re just opening up and you’re going…

“Wow! I didn’t realize I could do that.”

“Wow! I’m getting more and more amazing everyday.”

“I feel better every day.”

And then you get those little lulls where all of the sudden you go into the cleansing of one of the brainwave states. It might last a few days. It might last a week. It might last a couple of weeks.

But as soon as you come out of it, you’re on fire, you’re going. Everything is working for you.

It’s one of the greatest feelings that I can ever describe because it’s the time when you’re going to feel more alive than you’ve ever felt in your life. 

So when you get a chance, get yourself more Sacred G.

Add more, add more, add more.

Sleeping on more Sacred G is literally going to super boost this process. 

It’s absolutely life changing.

If you’ve gone to any personal power workshops about transforming your life or all these coaching seminars talking about stepping into your power and become a millionaire today… if you’ve been to all of these seminars and it doesn’t work because you’ve been missing the energy…

You’ve been missing the energy!

And that’s Sacred G.

That’s the energy that actually makes this whole wheel turn. 

So if you’ve taken all of those courses and study this stuff, you know how it’s supposed to work.

Sacred G makes it work like that.

It’s that simple. 

So when you’re ready, get connected with more Sacred G books.

They are only $200 per book.

This stuff is going to absolutely change your life.

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