What Beta Brain Waves State sleep is like on Sacred G

Beta Brainwave States

When you first start sleeping on Sacred G and clearing out this Beta brainwave state…

The only reason I’m smiling right now is because I’ve been through it and I’m already passed it.

Beta brainwave state is basically this tossing and turning where literally your thoughts don’t stop running, your on edge all night, you’ve got this serious anxiety, you start literally getting pissed off.

You want to hit your pillows. You want to hit the headboard. You’re tossing and turning. You’re kicking your blankets because you’re so frustrated. 

And there’s so much of this internal anxiety that’s coming out.

It’s a horrible state to be in.

Again, I’m smiling and laughing about it now because I’ve already been through it and I’ve always passed it, which is absolutely amazing.

Now Beta brainwave states are tied to our physical energy and if you experience this the first few nights sleeping on the technology, rest assured there is a real major purpose behind this one.

Clearing out your Beta brainwave state is so incredible because pretty much every single person who does go through this experience usually ends up making a massive life change really quickly.

Because those tossings and turnings don’t stop until you make this change.

While all of this anxiety is coming up a lot of people will almost want to remove the Sacred G their bed and never want to sleep on, touch, or talk about them again. They absolutely hate them because of this level of anxiety that came up during the Beta brainwave state release.

It’s not Sacred G that generates this emotion. 

It’s Sacred G that kicks in the release of this emotion, this anxiety, this state.

And it’s the anxiety of living everyday life that really drives you crazy.

That’s what you don’t like.

That’s what is coming up and out.

And usually it’s from working a dead-end job for a long time that’s not serving you, so you’re not moving forward.

It can be from being in a relationship where you feel so stifled and shut down that you absolutely hate being in it.

Or any physical situation experienced in your life where you feel so suppressed and every time you are about to make a change you just kind of settle for less and settle for less and settle for less.

You’re essentially just not living your own life.

So if you have this type of tossing and turning sleep, it essentially means the technology is going to make a massive shift in your life. 

And it’d be easiest if you’d actually look at the areas of your life which are causing the most agitation and where you feel like you settled for less and it’s not even your life anymore.

You’re pissed off. You’re so agitated because this is your life and you’re wasting it. 

These emotions come up because they are there and so it’s time for you literally to stop suppressing yourself and start expressing those emotions and those states in your real life.

So a lot of people who go through this usually end up…

Breaking up with the person they are with right away.

Quitting their job.

Starting a new field of study.

Letting go of friends.

Having huge blowouts maybe with family members who aren’t supportive. 

So there are some real big shifts that happen when you go through this brainwave state process.

If you continuously clear this past a week it means there is some really heavy-duty energy caught in this brainwave state and you need to really take a moment to seriously look at your life and what you’re happy with and what you’re not happy with.

And take action to start making those changes in your life.

That’s beta. Good luck with that one.

I went through it actually quite a few times and the results when you breakthrough this one are absolutely rewarding. They’re life changing.

And the great thing about Sacred G is that it helps to support these changes.

Now if you’re only experiencing this with the digital downloads, then please know that sleeping on Sacred G is going to amplify the hell out it, but it’s also going to help walk you through this process and be that supporting energy that you need as well as help set you up with where you’re going to be moving towards in the future as well.

So that’s where Sacred G Books and Bedsets really start to come in handy above the digital stuff.

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