Fusion and the Pineal Gland

How Sacred G Fusion Activates All 6 Regions of Your Brain

Sacred G Fusion, as the name implies, integrates all aspects of the individual designs and coalesces them into one energy vibration.

However, Sacred G Fusion is not just another Sacred G design. It’s a highly advanced system that enables your brain to access a new level of capability and functionality.

This design enables the return, at any time, to any previous design to once again clear and activate each system for maximum energy production.

This design also has additional programming that focuses entirely on the pineal gland to activate your connection to Source, to your body, to your environment and to the other people in your environment.

Sacred G Fusion operates differently than the other designs.

Instead of going into specific regions of your brain to increase the flow of energy to the pineal gland for activation, Sacred G Fusion activates the pineal gland first and then spreads out to the different regions of the brain.

Because it moves so quickly to activate more regions of the brain at once, it eliminates a majority of the less-than-desirable detoxing effects, such as nightmares.

You will still experience the changing effects from detoxing, but the process will be much smoother, faster, and more efficient.

The focus on the pineal gland allows Sacred G Fusion to bring about an experience of singularity, compressing it to the point of all creation. This leads to an unlocking of the spiritual senses and an intense connection with Source, which helps us to truly understand all the parts of our Selves.

Sacred G Fusion has completely transformed my life and has done so in only four months!

I have been opening up in ways that I would never have imagined before and the pineal gland activation is the key. That connection to Source has allowed me to channel all these systems, understand them and build them.

What used to take me two to three weeks to process, I can now process in two to three days.

Everything has been accelerated.

I sometimes refer to Fusion as Sacred G 2.0 because it is such an advanced network of possibility.

In Fusion, you will experience the flow, the synchronicity, and the magic of life!

These days, everywhere I go, I meet someone who has just had a loved one pass over or they have had a near-death experience.

The people that I meet are interested in vibrational energy and Sacred Geometry.

Quite literally, everywhere I go, I meet people who already know about Sacred G.

The synchronicities are simply amazing at a level that I have never experienced before.

What an exciting life!

This is something that I want for you.

Living daily in the conscious flow of synchronicity is living optimally and it will move you towards your highest potential. And that’s what life is all about!

So, when you are ready to make the jump to amplify your abilities and your potential and when you are ready to maximize the experiences of your life, I really encourage you to try Sacred G Fusion.

The Connection of Fusion with the Sacred G Bed Sets

The cerebellum is really unique. It contains more than half of the neurons within all the brain sections, yet it compresses them into a space that is 10% of the entire brain!

Imagine how compressed and compact the neurons must be!

Some pretty dense energy, I’d say.

I have learned with the Activator technology, that a few posters of Sacred G Technology are not enough to activate the cerebellum.

The energy field of the cerebellum is so dense that a stack of Fusion is necessary to activate it.

So, I designed two new components that would store and make available the necessary degree of vibration:

  1. a case that would hold several Fusion posters, and
  2. a special bed set to accommodate the cases.

This is essential for the Fusion to work at its optimal and completely activate the brain.

The cerebellum is a three-dimensional mathematical equation.

Fusion is a three-dimensional vibrational system that corresponds to the mathematical equation of the cerebellum and the result is all about kinesthetic movement.

Kinesthetics refers to the knowledge of movement perceived through the body.

It is the quality that allows a dancer to understand where their physical position is at all times in relationship to the stage and the other dancers.

It is the same for an ice skater, for example.

If you have ever wondered how they can jump so high and spin so fast without losing their equilibrium, now you know – it’s because of kinesthetic movement.

Fusion will influence your kinesthetic qualities.

You will begin to be very conscious of your movements and those of the people around you.

You will become very conscious of the flow of energy in your three-dimensional environment and you will realize the best ways in which to use this flow.

You will be pulled toward the right people and pulled away from those people who are not right for you at a particular time.

The Activator will monitor your wisdom in honoring the energy flow of movement in your life.

You will see this when, on those occasions that you get caught up with the movement of energy that is not in harmony with your SELF, the Activator will step in and move you away.

You will always know where you are in relationship to your purpose in the world.

Sacred G Fusion completes the cycle of energy.

Each one of the Sacred G designs is focused to activate specific regions of the brain to produce specific results. Fusion pulls everything together and completes the cycle of healing energy.

With each healing cycle, we increase the amount of energy flow… or inner chi.

This in turn, increases the amounts of energy units in the pineal gland.

The DMT, the ability to regulate brain waves, the ability to activate hormones for maximum growth potential, for sexuality and sensuality, the ability to heal and open the aspects of the intellect, the emotional, and the physical are all seated in the pineal gland.

It is our connection to SELF and to our SOURCE.

About Core Love

About Core Love

Every now and then you hear a story that completely blows your mind, and far exceeds your expectations about what is possible within the realm of the human experience...

Core’s story is like no other, and he presents his message in a way that people can relate to and really connect with. It only takes a moment with Core to feel the energy and light he has brought back with him.

Core Love had his first Near Death Experience at the age of 10 due to a severe brain injury and severe memory loss sustained from a car accident.

He could not remember anything from before the car accident, and could not personally recall any memories beyond 5 days. In addition to the memory loss, Core continued to struggle with depression, seizures, schizophrenia, anxiety, and more, as he tried to live a somewhat normal life.

If that was not enough, Core’s brain began overproducing a special neurotransmitter called Di-methyltriptamine, or DMT for short. DMT is a naturally occurring hallucinogenic substance produced in the pineal gland and is directly responsible for Near-Death Experiences.

This chemical would release in Core’s brain every five days, inducing a type of near-death experience that would last from 4-12 hours, with the longest one lasting over 4 days.

This excessive production of DMT resulted in Core having over 300 near death experiences in a 5 year period.

Spending over 1000 hours, earth time, on the other side, Core brings a powerful message and technology that will transform the way you look at life, and death... forever!

While on the other side, Core was exposed to extremely high energy states, which consequently began revealing high energy Physics and Advanced Sciences.

Before his journey through the afterlife finished, Core was taught how to build a technology that would eventually heal his brain and restore his memory, 14 years after having lost it.

On the other side, Core was shown what he refers to as “the visions” and was taken on journeys that make science fiction buffs weak in the knees.

Along with recovering his memory, he was also completely healed from the depression, anxiety, and seizures, although the visions, a softer version, still continue to this day.

As the creator of Sacred G Technology, he discovered that there must be a biological system in our body, that is communicating with the environment, in order to shift the ways we feel, think and act.

Over a period of 9 years and rigorous research, Core developed a mathematical model that predicts the shifts in brain chemistry as a result of the Sacred Geometry in the environment.

Using this model, Core developed a series of Art, often referred to as technology, since it can enhance and activate specific regions of the brain.

Sacred G stands for Sacred Geometry and is a new form of art that focuses into activating specific regions of the brain through complex mathematical geometry and color combinations.

Core has sold 2.5 million prints of his art in over 120 countries around the world since 1996 and over 10,000,000 digital downloads have been printed by people looking to enhance the functionality of their body, increase energy and do the simple tests.

Sacred G was featured on an entire episode of MTV's Rob & Big Show where Sacred G was revealed as a High Tech Pure Performance Technology while at the same time, awakening youth to the power of Sacred Geometry.