The #1 Reason for Any Health Problem and What the Solution Is

There really only is one health problem.

A lack of energy for your body to operate with.

You have values inside. Things that you value more than others.

So your brain takes that and interprets it as you value this part of your body or this organ more so than these other organs.

So if your body lacks energy, it’s going to shut down the organs you don’t value as much.

There are all these different systems inside the body and because of your value system, certain systems you value more than others, and the brain just takes that and interprets it and says:

And those are all your different customized diseases, which you’ve created for yourself based off your own value systems.

All you have to do is supply your body with more energy and it says:

And that’s your healing.

You’re healing yourself from inside.

All you’re doing is freeing up the energy. That’s it.

There's only one illness and that is simply a lack of energy.

And it’s not even that it’s a lack of energy.

It’s that it’s an unorganized system.

It’s that you’ve got energy stored in toxins.

You’ve got energy stored in emotions.

You’ve got all this extra energy inside that’s not being utilized properly.

When you start using full spectrum vibrational technology, all it does it reorganize and restructure all of your systems in your body, so they start functioning effectively again.

Freeing up this energy, so your body can heal itself.

Again, there’s only single aliment on the planet and that is simply a lack of energy.

You've got the energy within.

All you need is the key to unlock it, so you can get that energy from within and heal yourself.

It’s that simple.

You’re not getting the results you’re looking for?

Use more full spectrum vibrational technology.

Get more of that energy and watch your body just naturally heal itself.

It’s that simple.

There’s only one disease.

Remember that.

How many diseases?


That’s important.

Don’t forget that.

And make sure you spread that around.

There’s only one single disease.

A lack of energy.

Can you believe that we actually customize our own diseases based off our value systems?

Is that cool?

Did you know…

Just by the time you’re 30 to 35 years old, there’s a process inside of your brain where it says:

And it’s where your body and your brain basically says:

And it’s literally this conversion process taking you from the system that your body came built with into this new one, which you’ve enhanced or dis-enhanced because of judgments or trauma.

Your body literally starts running off your own programming and your own settings, so that you actually get to be the master or the programmer of your own body.

Now you have to realize that anything you’ve shut out of your life and things you have judgments against …you’re actually having judgements against your cells, your organs, your systems inside your body.

That’s the moment when you want to become aware and say:

And the body turns over this full level of control usually by the age of 33.

Now it’s not always 33. It’s usually between 30 to 35 years old.

You have 33 vertebras in your spine and each one is literally almost like a developmental year to go through this opening process and walk us through these different development stages.

Now some of the more advanced physics get into what those 33 development stages are and how to organize the information and development systems that are built into them.

And they’re actually incorporated into educational models, which is really cool, but as for now…

Your understanding is that if you’re not that old yet, you will be.

And if you already are that old, you’re running your system now.

And your belief systems and your judgements against other people, against other topics, against other information, is actually destroying your own body. Because you’re not open to it.

When you are bringing up your energy, you are opening up to other options.

You are opening up to life.

You’re no longer putting yourself into a prison and you’re setting yourself free.

And that comes from simply increasing the amount of energy that you have, which comes from your body’s natural healing mechanism, which takes place while you sleep.

Which is the number one place to use vibrational technology.

Between your mattress and boxspring.

Enhance your bodies natural sleep process – your natural healing process.

That’s important.

You’re responsible. You customize it. You customize it all.

Own it. Take that power, so you can make those changes.

Get your energy flowing even more deliberately.

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