Sacred G Activator

This is a digital download of the Sacred G Activator design. Once you’ve purchased it you’ll be given instant access to a high quality PDF file that you can use to print as many copies as you want… for life! See the full description below to learn more about what this powerful design can do for you, your body, and your life.



The Sacred G Activator is specifically designed to activate your body into action. It focuses on kinesthetic movement and destination. The Activator is all about being physical. So far, the Sacred G technology designs that I have discussed have focused on the intellectual and the emotional aspects of the personality. Now in the fifth stage, Sacred G will influence another area of the brain – the cerebellum. This part of your brain is located in the back of the skull and it is the last area of your brain where you can tweak vibrational energy.

The cerebellum directs physical movement. It urges you to get up and move forward toward your dreams. It encourages baby steps to move your ideas (which sit in the intellect) into the three-dimensional space of physicality. It assists you in moving beyond ideas and expression, longing and dreaming, into taking action. For instance, you may feel compelled to seek out people who are professionals in the area of your interests, to get their advice. You may even find a mentor to help move you along your path. So, the Activator is designed to get you going in the direction of your dreams. It says to you, “Enough talk! Let’s Go! Let’s make it happen!”

As with the other Sacred G designs, the Activator has a second purpose also. It assists you in making the necessary assessments so that you can build the identity that is necessary for you to take control of your destiny. It will plant the seed-questions, like . . . in what ways are you unique? What characteristics did you arrive on the planet with that sets you apart from everyone else? In what ways are you different? What gifts are uniquely yours to share with humanity? In what ways would you like to make a positive difference in the world? How would you rate your importance on a scale of 1 to 10? What kind of value would you assign to yourself? . . . to your dreams? . . . to your intentions to make those dreams come true?

When you have the answers to all these questions, your power comes to life and you will be unstoppable in pursuing your destiny. Whatever you need will show up on your path. The Activator technology will assist you in setting all of this into action.

When I was using the Activator technology, I came to understand my purpose in serving humanity. I realized that the messages encoded in my near-death experiences of the AfterLife, coupled with the technologies taught to me by my teachers, were to be shared with people in an effort to inform them about dead energy, tired energy, negative energy, etc and the possibilities of eradicating ANY energy that holds back the potential in every person. I used the technologies to heal my brain and return my lost memories. I know what my knowledge and skills are . . . what gifts I uniquely have to share with the world. I also know what I am not good at, but that doesn’t really matter because someone else will be good in those areas. Realizing this creates balance in my life and the world. It empowers me to realize my SELF -WEALTH and the unique gifts that I have to offer in the service of humanity. The same will be true for you.

So this is the purpose of the Sacred G Activator design. It is the last phase of restructuring your internal core. It works to motivate you, support you, uplift you, encourage you and carry you out into the world where you can deliver your very own, very unique brand of magic.


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