How Sacred G Connects you to the Collective

Sacred G and the Collective

You’ve probably heard about the collective, right?

I published somethings several years about Creating The Council and Creating The Collective.

Now these are things I had to actually figure out how to build inside the brain, so I could figure out how to link us all together.

This actually has to do with your Pineal Gland, which is essentially like a transmission receiver.

It can pickup transmissions not only from other people, but also from the earth itself, from the solar system, from the galaxy, etc.

It can literally synch-in and pick up recording – pick up information – from any different level.

It’s absolutely amazing.

This is part of the actual collective.

When people talk about the collective, this is our link into it.

Now what’s really neat is that when I was playing with the Sacred G designs and when we started getting into the really big bed sets (like literally 10 layers of bed sets), I felt someone else come in who was on that much technology. Then I felt another person and another couple of people. 

And I felt this collective… I felt my brain shift all the sudden like I had information to stuff that I normally didn’t have access to and I started downloading stuff that wasn’t mine.

I knew it wasn’t mine. I knew this information wasn’t mine. I didn’t know where it came from.

It wasn’t just a channel.

It wasn’t just some extraterrestrial entity.

It was Earth information.

Because there is a difference between things that you channel from some extraterrestrial entity from way out in space or ascended master or whichever you want to call it and Earth information.

Earth information is highly detailed stuff on you know like specific web structure, web design, online marketing systems, stocks and cryptocurrencies, you know, things that happen on Earth.

And then I started thinking about it…

“Who is on this stuff? Well these are their specialities.”

I’m download information from other people who managed to hit this state, which I knew existed, but I didn’t know anybody else who achieved it before. 

I actually call it a whole different operating system.

There is a human operating system, which is a standard operating system for the human body. 

And there is this humanitarian operating system, which opens up the real service. 

So it’s completely different.

These operating systems are actually grounded into the table of elements.

You have hydrogen on your left side and helium on the right side.

The hydrogen, if you look down below there is actually only two elements and then another two elements, so this is your duality, which is where most humans live their life.

Black and white.

Right and wrong.

You know, all the judgements, the separation, the confusion. 

All that stuff, right?

Then there is this humanitarian operating system, which actually has to do with helium. 

If you think about helium, it’s actually floating… it’s your lifting up… it’s you rising above life.

So just that alone, if you just start studying helium, it actually has all the characteristics of the ascended body or the perfect body, which is the light body or whichever you want to call it.

Which is pretty interesting, but underneath that point on the table of elements there is actually six more elements and then another six elements. 

And of course, six has to do with the Simulator and the six sides and the six colors of the rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet or purple) and so those are your six points.

And basically your six are options.

You have options and you have choices or you have judgements and separation.

So there is black and white human operating system.

And there is this humanitarian operating system which opens up this full spectrum.

So there are two different operating systems, which is really unique. 

Now when you get deeper into it, you’ll find that they actually all join together.

You can actually switch back and forth between these two operating systems.

Now this humanitarian operating system is what’s so important though, because this is where we are all unified – this is where we are all one – this is where in our spirit we are all one.

There’s only one spirit – one being.

And then you get into this physical body and this one spirit is separated through these physical containers which isolate us and keep us as individual entities and individual identities.

So our physical senses are our abilities that we have here.

Now our spiritual senses are the ones where we are actually all unified. 

We can actually tap in to this humanitarian operating system or state of consciousness which only requires more energy and that’s it – just energy.

It just requires more energy.

And the amount of that energy is the same equation.

If you are in a survival state, you will automatically separate from the collective and move into your own individual state – your separation state.

Now as soon as you are generating more energy at night time while you sleep than what you use up during the daytime, then your body realizes it’s no longer dying.

And then you can actually join back with this collective again – this humanitarian operating system – where your body is no longer in a survival state.

What starts to happen is you start getting all of the abilities and skillsets that exist inside this humanitarian operating system, which means we are all working – all as one unified mass consciousness group to accomplish one purpose only – to activate the human body and give us our true full potential and our powers of actual pure creation and pure manifestation.

When we get into these states we actually start being able to access the collective.

In other words, you can start accessing peoples information.

You can download them.

It’s amazing. 

Now we’re not talking about personal information, because the body actually has protections and limitations against what you can download for another person.

It’s like a privacy type of law that’s built naturally inside the body. 

It has to do with a quantum algorithms and stuff. It’s complicated.

I can explain it some days. Today is not one of them.

What’s amazing though is we can start downloading their lessons, their learnings, and what they’re doing, and you can get information feedback from people. 

Now we all kind of do this at some points. 

You know when you’re thinking about your friends and then all the sudden you’re having a conversation with them and you can feel stuff that’s going on?

You call them up and you’re like…

“Hey, what’s going on here?”

And it’s the same kind of stuff – the same type of feelings and sensations and patterns – that actually took place in an internal conversation inside of your own head.

We’ve all done this. Every single human being on the planet has actually done this before.

Because there are times when we are in this humanitarian operating system.

There are times when we are not.

And it fluctuates. 

There are times every single day when we are actually in this state where we are all connected. 

It’s just the majority of our time we are not.

So what we want to do is get the majority of our time into this humanitarian state, so we can always be connected, so we can also be downloading and communicating information.

Now what does that?

It’s the actual flower of life design. 

The flower of life is very popular.

It’s on massive amounts of historical ancient buildings… etched in there.. engraved in there.

There is one stone where it’s lasered in there from literally a couple thousand years ago.

They had lasers and they literally lasered this symbol into these rocks. 

The flower of life literally stands for the collective.

In the Sacred G Fusion design you can actually see where I connected the flower of life symbol with other circles which are actually little G Spots.

The math of the G Spots is actually phenomenal. 

When I started connecting the G Spots, which represent each one of us individually – our own chemical and vibrational imprint – our own signature, connected to this grid…

Sacred G technology itself has the ability to build the collective into your state of consciousness – into your state of awareness – and into your brain and to activate it inside your body, so you can start downloading this information.

Now if you’ve ever done things or heard of things like remote viewing…

Some people believe in remote viewing. Some people don’t.

The USA military had major programs on remote viewing and they still do.

In fact, most the military programs on the planet all to do forms of remote viewing.

And it’s literally your ability to project your consciousness and awareness to different places in space and pick up information and interpret that information, so you can actually get feedback from places you’ve never visited or been there.

So it’s almost like a form of teleporting your consciousness to a different location, gathering information, and teleporting it back.  

When you start using this technology for abilities like remote viewing… it enhances it because it’s got the mathematics built in for it.

This is just a little sample of some of the things you start getting into with Sacred G.

As you increase in the development levels, your brain and your body will continually give you more access into what’s taking place on the planet, what’s taking place in our solar system, and what’s taking place in the galaxy.

It will literally grant you vision to be able to see, feel, and experience what it’s like being there.

It’s absolutely amazing.

This is just ONE of the things Sacred G is built for.

Again, for this you are going to want a bed set or layers of bed sets to get into that stuff.

Because that’s the fun stuff.

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