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"This is the only energy system that I can use that doesn't stir up negative reactions or cause pain. I am so sensitive that I can't even use flower remedies or anything. I have been using Core's technologies for approximately 1 1/2 years and the growth and deepening that I have had is tremendous. I am continuously opening up to new possibilities and discoveries. My energy system has stabilized and I feel much stronger and aligned with my true self. I highly recommend this technology to anyone for grounding energy and the expansion of consciousness.”
David Cicia
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Discover why millions of people around the world love using Sacred G Technology

There are more than 2.5 million Sacred G Posters energizing the people and the planet at this very moment. More than 10 million Digital Downloads have been printed and blown people away at how they can clean the chemical taste out of water, amplify the amount of dreams you get while sleeping, extend the life of food in your fridge and double the strength of your health supplements.

People are blown away by the water test...

When you realize a simple piece of art that you can print off of the internet, can change the taste of your tap water, you realize that there is layers to our life that very few people in this world understand.

The most common way to use Sacred G Technology is to put it under your mattress.

The Sacred G neutralizes the negative effects from the EMF’s (electro-magnetic frequencies) coming from power lines, wifi, cell phone towers and satellite signals.

This enhances your body’s natural healing process while you sleep, reducing stress and boosting energy for when you wake up.

“If you have not yet gotten this edition of Sacred G Omega yet, just do it. I know the price may seem scary at first but the energy you truly do get from using this technology is quite amazing. As much as I love the energy streams available for a much lesser cost. I love this because once you have it. The energy is forever.”
Masa Kitani
Professional Artist

What is Sacred Geometry?

Sacred Geometry is a language that nature uses to create and communicate with itself.

When you tap into the power of Sacred Geometry, you are tapping into the energy that connects all living things.

Sacred Geometry has been taught by the great Sage’s of the past and it influences our culture everyday, most likely without you knowing it.

How come Sacred Geometry is one of the world’s biggest secrets of wisdom?

It’s not secret…

It is Sacred and is something that is very difficult to explain, the Power of Sacred Geometry must be realized through research and personal experience.

When the Laws of Sacred Geometry are applied to products and technology, amazing results can be obtained.

A few examples of this are:

  • The Wine Glass which harnesses the flow of energy in its shape and is viewed as the most elegant glass.
  • Stealth technology harnesses the mechanics of sacred geometry to properly deflect electro-magnetic waves.
  • The muffler on your vehicle can be used to quiet or increase noise using Sacred Geometry designs.
  • Incredible architecture, like cathedrals and temples, instantly produce that awe feeling due to the Sacred Geometry built into its structure.
  • Even a swimming pool that has a rounded, flowing shape draws your attention and lifts your energy higher than a plain rectangular pool.
  • Sacred Geometry is built into the mechanics of computers, microchips and is the underlying foundation for all electro-magnetic communications.
  • Sacred Geometry has been used everywhere in our world to harness the power of technology, information and infrastructure.

One of the most incredible applications of Sacred Geometry is art.

The entire feel of a bedroom, living room or even your work office can be instantly shifted by adding a piece of artwork on the wall.

Even more incredible, if you change the art, you change the entire feel of the room.

Art is Sacred Geometry in a compressed or flattened form and has a huge effect on the way you feel, think, express yourself and act.

Your house is a 3-D model of Sacred Geometry, the angles of your walls combined with the paint and texture, plus the layout of the room (multiple angles) and the furniture that you have all create the overall feel of your home.

Every single person has experienced redecorating their bedroom or living room and felt the shift that happens in their body and mind as a result.

Now that you've experienced the power of Sacred G Technology, you're probably curious to learn how it works...

Listen in as Core Love, the creator of Sacred G Technology, explains how sleeping on Sacred Geometry can make a profound & positive impact on every single area of your life.

How Sacred G Omega Works

One third of your life is spent sleeping in your bed.

The quality of your sleep directly effects the quality of your waking life.

Sleep is by far the most important component to maintaining the health and functionality of your body. Sacred G Omega is a revolutionary technology that will awaken your body, mind and spirit into a whole new way of life.

Sacred G Omega is the final design in the Sacred G Series, which marks the end of an 11 year development period to produce the most powerful and perfectly balanced energy technology available.

Sacred G Omega’s revolutionary design, completes a 10 phase circuit of energy conversion and extraction enabling your body to identify any development level that you are stuck in and help you move forward.

Sacred G Omega utilizes a powerful new memory system that took over one year of testing to complete. Sacred G Omega has the capability to sort, store and convert data into a total of 23 unique memory systems that mirror your DNA’s 23 chromosomes.

Side 1 – The Wave
Side 2 – The Particle

Sacred G Omega comes in a book of 150 double sided sheets that you place under your mattress.

All you have to do to get the benefits is sleep on your bed. Sacred G Omega will instantly establish a connection with the individual cells in your body by emitting a vibration, just like a radio wave.

This vibration is received by a sub-system of your DNA called epigenetics. Epigenetics is a software program that gives instructions to the DNA.

Sacred G Omega is one of the greatest investments you will ever make in your life.

Sacred G Omega is a technology that you place under your mattress.

While you are asleep, Omega will be communicating with your cells and uploading new instructions for how to operate the following day. Omega also minimizes the effect of EMF’s bombarding the brain and accelerates the brain’s natural healing mechanisms that occur while sleeping.

An increase in dreams while sleeping shows that a more effective sleep is occurring.

The first set of instructions directs the cells to start releasing toxins.

Compared to Sacred G, the typical herbal cleanse is like trying to clean your house by spraying window cleaner on the outside of the windows.

Sacred G communicates directly to the cells and initiates the internal cellular cleansing cycle.

After a few days of this cleansing and frequent trips to the bathroom, your body will feel rejuvenated and full of energy.

Next is the negative emotional purge, this can show up as crazy dreams or even intense nightmares.

Occasionally you might even wonder if you slept since you are more aware of your dreams.

The nightmares can be a bit wild, but it is just the brain purging the suppressed negative emotions so you feel better.

Your thoughts and goals are upgraded next.

For a small time, you get lost, literally, as you start questioning everything in your life and nothing holds the same value.

This is your level of conscious awareness increasing, the little things that once got you excited will now seem like a waste of time.

Your brain starts solving conflicts and increasing the amount of information that you can see at once.

You typically will get a waking up feeling like you have been in a trance your whole life.

Your brain will automatically start thinking bigger and you will never settle for less again.

These are just the first three of ten major energy conversion systems that take place from using Sacred G Omega. Omega is literally an internal re-wiring system and the process is all automated, you just get to watch it happen.

Sacred G Omega is Truly a Revolution in Vibrational Energy Technologies.

Sacred G Omega can be used in so many ways. The main place I recommend putting Omega is under your mattress and also under your food, water, jewelry, clothing and supplements.

Sacred G Omega is powerful and a stable form of energy that can be continually added to for an increased amount of energy. There is a major difference between a single book and a bed set in regards to the amount of energy that you will feel.

Activating higher sensory abilities typically requires a bed set to supply the amount of energy required combined with training in the Breath Mastery certification courses.

The ink of every Sacred G Omega sheet has been infused with 15 powerful elements to enhance and ground the properties of the energy.

Here is a list of the Sacred Elements:

  • Clear Quartz
  • Rose Quartz
  • Citrine
  • Amethyst
  • Gold
  • Aqua Gold
  • Platinum
  • Ruby
  • Diamond
  • Kunzite
  • Azeztulite
  • Rose Phenacite
  • Selenite
  • Kyanite
  • Moldavite

The quality of Sacred G Omega is incredible.

It is created with a new type of printing that utilizes a randomized dot structure for enhanced clarity, and printed at such a high DPI that you can’t even see the dots of color, it literally looks like a solid color.

Sacred G Omega is so complex that it can only be created on a state of the art high tech computer and it has repeatedly crashed the manufactures computers when they tried to convert the design into plates.

It took 2 days to do what would normally be a quick 15 minute job.

Who else sleeps on Sacred G?

"Sacred G is the truth... I gotta say, Sacred G truly has changed my life."
Rob Dyrdek
Entrepreneur, Actor, Producer, TV Show Host
“Sacred G is not just a fad… It’s a revolution.”
Michael Ratti
National Watercraft Champion
“If you are going for the gold, get on Sacred G... Get on as much as you can!”
Catherine Garceau
Olympic Medalist Synchronized Swimmer
“Basically, Sacred G is cheating… It’s like taking steroids.”
Steve Berra
Professional Skateboarder
"As my income increases in the future, I’m going to be putting a ridiculous amount of this stuff under my bed, as it’s beyond amazing. My life’s transformed SO much in such inspiring ways since I started on Sacred G Omega. Can’t recommend it highly enough.”
Rok Sivante
Music Producer & Blockchain Investor

Why sleep on so much Sacred G Omega?

There is a major difference between a single book, 5 Books, 10 Books and 40 Books in regards to the amount of energy that you will feel.

More Sacred G equals more energy. Each Sacred G Omega Book works as a processing unit to activate more energy inside of you by converting the energy your body is using to store memory into active energy while you sleep on it at night.

Active energy in your body is energy that your body can use today. 

It first goes towards healing and stabilizing your body and then towards activating your senses and enhancing areas of your life that you want to further develop.

There is no limit to human potential and literally no limit to the amount of senses, abilities, success, love, connection and impact you can have on the world.

"You can charge almost anything on this stuff (food, water, crystals, yourself) and you will experience major shifts in your life by putting these under the bed and sleeping on them.”
Sasha Tsidulko
Brooklyn, NY

How much Sacred G should I purchase?

That’s a great question and depends on a few different factors. First off, Sacred G does provide your body with a clean, always on energy and let’s face it, we all want/need more energy.

People spend thousands of dollars per year on nutritional supplements and vitamins. There’s a reason why these industries are raking in billions upon billions of dollars each year.

And if you look at how many people need 2-3 cups of Coffee each morning just to get them going, as well as the recent explosion of things like 5 Hour Energy, and all the energy drinks in general it’s quite obvious that everyone’s searching for more energy.

The cool thing about Sacred G is you don’t have to eat it but you can use it to filter and charge your water, your food, and your supplements and you’ll begin to notice a difference almost instantly.

Of course, for most people it’s going to come down to 2 things, money and belief. Being skeptical about a technology like this is normal especially if you don’t understand the science behind it but what’s great is you don’t have to believe in Sacred G in order for it to work for you.

And then there’s money.

If there’s one thing you’ll learn quickly by sleeping on and using Sacred G Technology it is that money is not nearly as valuable as the energy that Sacred G provides.

Many people inside our community who have been sleeping on bed sets and going through our training for a while will spend their last dollars on getting more of this technology.


Well, because they realize that if they have more energy, they’ll be able to create more money much easier in their business than they would if they had the energy of a slug in a puddle.

Trust us, we’ve made this technology as affordable as we possibly can and many people have offered to and actually paid up to $50 per sheet!

We’ve went through tremendous trouble and effort to get the printing costs as low as we possibly can so more people can afford to experience this life changing technology.

With that being said, Sacred G is a highly stable, constant form of energy that you can continue to add to. As in there’s no end to how many of these books you can stack under your bed and if you saw what some of our long-term members beds look liked you might be a bit surprised.

And to top it off we have had people occasionally part with their bed sets for personal reasons and they’ve often sold them for double what they bought them for. So this technology holds it’s value and is always in demand.

Bottom line…The more the merrier.

If you really want to evolve, get yourself a bed set. The moment you place your order you’ll begin to witness radical shifts in your life and they’ll keep coming for many years to come.

And if you can only afford a book or two right now, that’s ok too. The important thing is that you just get started.

We can’t guarantee that this technology will always be in stock. We are doing our best but there’s only a few printing companies in the world that can produce Sacred G Omega and they have a hard time keeping up with the demand as it is.

Hopefully this helps, and we’re looking forward to seeing you on the inside!

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"Increasing the amount of Sacred G will speed up the development and integration process. Although the technology is designed to act as a facilitator, it will still be necessary for you to go through the process of clearing and integrating for you to move forward in personal growth into a higher state of consciousness. The beauty of the technology is that it removes the struggle to grow. The extra energy initiates personal growth, making this transformational process easier for people to step into their potential and live the life of their dreams.”
Core Love
Creator of Sacred G Technology