What Theta Brain Waves State sleep is like on Sacred G

Theta Brainwave States

Theta is actually a really neat process to go through.

It’s not as physically cleansing. It’s not really painful. 

You can start to become aware of patterns. 

It’s more intellectual than it is emotional, so a lot of times you can actually wake up in the middle of the night and you’ll have really interesting dreams open up new perceptions and unlock patterns or in the morning you’ll have new ideas.

Sometimes it can be initially emotional when you’re unlocking a new pattern

When you have a dream and you realize that you’ve been hurting some people without releasing it because of the patterns that you play out.

We all do these things.

It’s a matter of becoming aware that we’re doing them, so we can increase the amount of energy we have access to and the benefits of the relationships that we have with other people.

Theta also helps you to unlock and clear a lot of belief systems that you have about yourself, about other people, and about the world. 

It allows you to let go of the judgements that you have against everything and yourself as well.

That’s absolutely amazing!

When you’re processing Theta brainwave states, a lot of times you’re actually unlocking new information that comes up, which is really amazing because you start learning new stuff.

You wake up and you have all of these new ideas and modes of inspiration. 

Some of the negative reverse side when you’re actually processing Theta is actually feeling lost, confused, unsure of where you are, hazy inside your thoughts.

The haziness comes from both a chemical detox as well as the Theta is clearing out and it’s becoming aware of the clouded judgements and the cloudiness that exists inside your brain.

As you start processing this confusion, agitation, anxiety, any of these types of mental sensations inside your thoughts and clearing out this cloud, what you start to get is a lot more confidence.

You can make decisions more effectively.

If somebody asks you a question, you can be sharper and respond quicker.

There are enhanced memory systems and one of the reasons why you go through this kind of dumb phase is because it’s taking all of your memory from one system and it’s uploading it into a different memory system inside your brain.

So it’s essentially reorganizing and recategorizing your information, so that you have more efficient access to it that way you can think faster.

Theta is a really incredible brainwave state to process.

Again, it’s the most educational.

It’s the most profound, I feel.

You get a lot of really cool dreams. 

At the same time, you also become aware of a lot of your patterns and lot of your judgements and lot of your own identity flaws.  

Theta can lead to a little bit of an identity crisis because everything is changing so fast and your mind can’t keep up. 

Sacred G technology is designed to take your brain past what you can consciously control, so it enables you to actually let go and just get into the flow to actually surrender.

Theta brainwave state has to do with so much control and wanting to know all of the pieces of information. As you get into the more advanced levels, once you process a lot from sleeping on more Sacred G, your thoughts download.

You channel all this new information at the moment when you need it. 

So it’s a very different way to use your brain.

Most people aren’t familiar to that and it takes some training.

The whole process with Theta brainwave states can take a whole month to a year or year and a half on Sacred G to really get your brain tweaked so that it functions at this whole different level. 

There’s trust and integrity systems that happen with Theta.

Most of the time we manually want to control everything because we’ve learned in life that not everything works out the way that it’s supposed to.

Our body sabotaged a lot of our efforts, so we manually try to control and force and make everything happen, but when your body actually starts serving you from using the Sacred G technology, then your body becomes so humble and is just there to support you. 

There is this integrity and trust thing that has to happen inside your brain where you start realizing that life isn’t against you. Life is actually here to support you now.

And that’s one of the most amazing processes to go through.

And that’s all contained within this Theta brainwave state.

So if you notice that you are in this Theta brainwave state a lot more often, then that’s one of the things that’s going to be unlocked for you first. 

So that’s your scoop about the Theta brainwave state.

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