Transcendence: the Limbic System and Frontal Lobe

How Sacred G Activates Your Limbic System & Frontal Lobe

The Sacred G Transcendence technology is by far the most popular design.

This design works as a power booster for the Transporter, and the Ascender.

It assists in dislodging past memories, clearing emotion, and solving internal information conflicts.

It also aids in cleansing and detoxing cell structures.

Its special and unique quality prepares you for the next level by increasing your intuition, the ability to receive new information, and the ability to unlock new perceptions.

It’s like a blending of all that has gone before and yet, it has specific qualities that work to prepare you for the next level of vibrational technology.

A lot of R&D has been done with Transcendence, especially with fresh food products.

Celery that usually lasts for about a week, once charged will last for about a month.

Charged lettuce will last in the fridge for three months.

Milk will last for two to three months.

I’ve had charged bread that doesn’t mold, and fresh flowers that live three to four weeks!

Disposable contact lenses, once charged, will last for three to four weeks by preventing protein build-up.

So many cool things about Transcendence continue to surface.

I have encouraged experimentation and have passed out the designs freely, in hopes that everyone will get involved and create research projects of their own.

I hope everyone will behave “scientific-like” and keep track of their results, so that we can learn as a community and contribute to the development of Sacred G technology.

I believe there are yet, many capabilities to be discovered concerning the transformative power of Transcendence technology to open up more potential for life.

About the author: Core Love
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