Transporter and the Limbic System

How Sacred G Activates the Limbic System of Your Brain

This design focuses on the emotional clearing of our past memories and current experiences.

The charged-emotion that we keep stored in past memories clogs our brain and as soon as those memories and current difficult circumstances lose their emotional charge, another wave of energy will be released.

Emotions are the culprit!

For almost every ailment known to humankind, a closer look at the source of origin will reveal that not-so-pleasant and full-of-anger emotions are the reason for a manifestation of disease.

Remember…  disease = dis-ease.

You may be wondering… what part of my body is suffering from my stored emotions?

The answer is all of them – but most especially, the brain.

The brain is where you play the old movies of your tough times over and over again.

You also have a sound- track where you have stored the verbiage of all your past quarrels and the verbiage of future quarrels (if you get the chance to rework your argument) for why your tough times should not have happened.

Usually your argument will point a finger at someone else or something else that you feel is responsible for your tough times.

Between the movies that you play, the sound track that you listen to, and the enormous energy-charge of all that information, the brain is so stressed it has to spread out the negative energy to the body. Now the cells have to deal with this energy sent their way and it’s not long before the whole body is involved with THE PAST!

And of course, you remember those little epigenomes that sit atop the DNA gene…

Well, they’re listening and feeling every charge of energy that you are giving to your past.

They take the emotional charge and they consider it very important else why would it exist and they instruct the cells to hold on to this information.

The cell obliges, but the extra information added to its structure warps its original design to the point where a fracture occurs and thus, a gateway to disease has just been born.

The brain no longer has a lot of good, positive energy to share with the body.

But it tries.

When you are sleeping each night, the brain works hard to process your memories from the day.

In this way, it can free up more space that will hold positive energy – if it is given the chance.

However, when you use more energy during the day than the brain can process, it doesn’t take very long for the brain to realize that it’s in a losing battle.

But it has a plan.

There is a specific area in the brain where energy is held for very special senses and abilities.

These are spiritual capabilities and they require a lot of energy – clean energy – to operate.

The brain in its downward energy spiral starts shutting down elements of the body and calls for a state of survival. It shuts down the areas where energy is held for special senses and abilities.

A state of survival has no energy for a spiritual awakening.

The mind tries to remind the brain of its connection to All-That-Is, but the brain is so clog with negativity, it doesn’t hear. It’s in survival mode.

This tactic usually begins when we are children around three or four years of age.

We have the realization that we are separate beings and our personality begins to individuate.

Not long after this realization, comes the notion of “This is mine!”

The concept of mine and yours and more and less make an imprint on the brain and the survival mode kicks in. Mine is good and more is better.

Yours is not as appealing as mine and no one is interested in less when it comes to toys.

Survival mode signals the brain that it is time to hoard.

As we grow up, our toys change to people and possessions.

Hoarding material possessions, having the constant need for more things, needing to control people and feeling that we have to manipulate everything and everyone just to get what we want is the body’s way of screaming out: “I don’t have enough energy to operate very well and the energy you’re giving me isn’t really helping very much!”

At this point, the brain realizes that it will most likely never catch up energy-wise.

The body is seeking internal energy for self-healing, but the brain is holding onto it because the body is in a state of survival and other functions must come first or we will die.

Enter Sacred G Technology, whose sole function is to free up and activate energy.

This is accomplished when the amount of healing that takes place every night is increased to the point where there is more energy freed up at night than what is used during the day.

When this happens, your brain will rethink its position of survival mode to plenty mode and suddenly you will start to feel brand new again.

Instead of pursuing possessions to feel good, a new peace and calmness will take over.

You will lose the neediness of wanting things outside of yourself to fill the emptiness that you have not been able to fix in the past.

The coveted inner peace comes, as energy is made available. Sacred G is designed to help the natural healing process that takes place at night while you are sleeping.

The more Sacred G used, the more healing you will experience.

What exactly happens with Sacred G technology during the night while you are sleeping?

In the beginning of your vibrational treatment, you may experience some tossing and turning for the first few nights.

For some people who have a lot of energy blocks, this may last for the first few weeks.

How much discomfort or anxiety you experience depends on the amount of blocked energy.

You can be sure that the intensity of either one is a signal to you about the quantity and quality of the repressed emotions you have accumulated over the years.

Many people will start to realize that they hate their life, their job, their house, their partner and several other aspects of their life that aren’t very satisfying.

Sacred G Transporter will bring these emotions to the surface for your examination.

You will begin to realize what aspects of your life no longer serve you, what aspects you enjoy, and what changes you would like to make.

When you have made peace with some things and become friends with others, then your sleeping patterns will change to reflect this.

This is Sacred G technology at work, helping you to transform the old life of complacency, hopelessness, and boredom into dreams of reaching all your potential.

There will be NO more settling for less, because a new awareness will awake in your brain and flower within your heart, telling you that you are here to have the life of your dreams!

You may also notice that you dream more and some of the dreams will be nightmares.

This is simply negative memories and their negatively charged emotions clearing out from your body. Your brain will gather all the memories and link them together so that it becomes easier for you to see certain patterns of behavior that have not served you very well… especially the ones that contribute to zombie-like states of living.

The Transporter part of the cleansing process is connected to the limbic system, which is involved with many of our emotions and motivations, especially those associated with survival.

Other limbic functions include the task of interpreting emotional responses and storing memories.

To check the intensity of any emotional charged to a memory, all you need to do is pull it up and start thinking about it. The more traumatic the experience, the more emotions will surface.

And what form of emotion are these memories taking… anger, sadness, disappointment?

The intensity of the feelings that you experience is in direct proportion to the amount of stored emotions that need to be cleared!

Read that again!

It can be difficult to look head-on at a situation and see that you failed to live up to your potential or your ideals. It takes strength to recognize where you have failed to be the better you.

But once you do the clearing work, and by that I mean the analysis of a situation and accept your part in it (acceptance is crucial and often the most difficult part of dealing with past memories), you will be so free and so light that you will feel like you have lost weight!

It’s a great accomplishment.

You will become more alive and reconnect to the source of your Power, and clear energy will pour into your new self like water from a spring.

You will start living in the moment.

Your intuition will increase and new information about who you are, who you came to be and what you came to do in the service, will flood the cleared-out parts of your brain and find a new home.

The Transporter is specifically designed to work with the limbic system to support emotional clearing. Negative memories are a massive reservoir of charged-energy and the vibrational technology of Sacred G will help break-up the negatively-charged energies and move them through the limbic system, which will collect them and aid them in leaving the body. When the charged-emotions are processed and moved out, clean and clear emotional energy will take their place.

This energy will support you and care for you, inform you, guide you, inspire you, and serve you.

This I know to be true.

Healing the body is about so much more than a physical healing.

That’s just the first step. Opening yourself up so that you can experience all of your potential for this earth life is really what it’s all about.

If you are having problems and feel anxious and confused while going through this process, and you feel that it is not working very well for you, think on this:

When you have nightmares, for example, that’s extreme negative energy.

The limbic system picks up the negative charge and sends it to the hypothalamus, which regulates your body’s chemistry. The negative energy is converted to chemical energy and guess where it eventually winds up . . . you’re right!

The epigenomes – which are quite happy to accept however you feel as fact – will get busy instructing the negative chemicals to invade the interior of the cell.  The battered cell, in trying to survive the presence of this outside virus, will create a gateway to dis-ease.

Now, that’s how simple all this is!

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